1)The inspiration of NAMSTE came from my country INDIA . 2)NAMASTE is about The Light Within Me Honours The Light Within You 3)In my country INDIA had survived with Namaste because they always deal with positivity, caring ,honored and smile with the situation of circumstances . 4)when we do Namaste ,First things come up with positive creation that i bow to you and win the people heart by realisoing that there are my own people.


-The main idea behind of NAMASTE is seeing Current Situation of GLOBAL Pandemic Year of 2020. -I want to apply idea of NAMSTE by showing that we care about you ,win the people heart and have smile own their face .


Negative impact is happened in society , community ,organisations and world as follow: 1)Rise of suicidal case 2)Negative impact in financial 3)Depression 4)Violence and Protest is happening 5)WAR 6)Death rate is rises due to panic of seeing future.What will happen Next or how we survive


1)Create Positivity 2) StrongRelationship with your friend, family, organistaion ,society and community 3)Unity 4)Honor 5)Ownerships to connection of unknown people 6)Caring,Love,Laugh and Alive

-One thing I can guarantee about it this Namaste filter it can give good impact in society and community that to spread this happiness ,peace and positive which is now missing due to pandemic of year 2020.

What it does

** Working of Namaste Instagram Filter in AR World Effect**

Presentation of Namaste Instagram Filter

1)I had use concept of Indian celebration where People are dancing to show their happiness and gestures .I had added gallery so that they can get involved in the celebration. 2)I want the user to add photo or video as sweet moment to share their Namaste filter to near and dear one it gives smile on face and get strongly connected. 3)I had added marigold flower to make them presence of the moment that there are in .It would make good connection to the relationship, society and community 4)It can give good impact to society and community because everyone need and honour,recognition ,love and positive life.

How I built it

I built Namaste Instagram AR WORLD EFFECT filter Software**

1) Spark AR 2)Adobe Photoshop 3)Blender

**Construction of NAMSTE filter*

1)I had used 9 animation sequence series for dancing, frame and designs.i had used adobe photoshop for texture and manipulating textures. 2) I had used plane tracker template which was in built functionality instructions and patches of switch to the camera on surface, tap to place ,you can zoom ,you can pan and you can extend size of image. 3)I had used the switch on/off patches a lot for design and marigold flower emitter. 4) had used 3d object cylinder in blender software as loop animation of 360 degree rotation.

Challenges I ran into

1)Reducing the size of texture .the size of file should be 4mb in Instagram AR filter 2)I was having difficulties with null object of 360 degree in surface which was quite challenging.some part of cylinder 3d model object got success but not in plane of 360 degree I want used as dance performance in plane of 360 degree using animation sequence of it .I got unsuccess in that area 4)I had to face challenge of last completion in Namaste filter using emitter of marigold flower.i am not satisfied with it. Because I started late only .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of making Stage of NAMASTE Filter where you can add photo or video .I also like to show dance which I am proud of it.i want to do more. I got addicted which I am also proud of it .The imagination of Namaste which I want half got completed which I am proud of it.Half I will surely do it again republish of Namaste Filter. I am proud I am enjoying Spark AR I Love to do more

What I learned

  • During Making Namaste Instagram filter.I learned is to get in your imagination and try to create them whatever you know it. -I don't know 3D Model Object .I Learned that it was quite interesting during creation of Namaste Instagram filter how to make them and manipulate 3D model using blender.I would like to thanks spark ar community for giving knowledge 3D Model.For me it was difficult.

What's next for NAMASTE

-I am planning to enhancement of namaste filter in Instagram AR filter by removing emitter of marigold flower .Second I will used different technique of marigold flower emitter.

  • I would make dance performances using 360 rotation of moment in Namaste Instagram filter.I would update this filter in year 2020
  • I would add yoga video classes of namaste.So that people would take care of health by using native ui

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