Both you and I are being impacted by the social loss in the Muslim communities around us. However, it’s important to focus on what one has, rather than what they do not. We plan to restore what once was, using the web application, Naltaqi. Our mission is to unite the youth community so they are raised and surrounded by good people. A person's friend group is important to their upbringing, so in order to ensure the best for our communities, we want to surround them with like minded Muslims.

What it does

Naltaqi allows users from anywhere in the world to build and repair connections. The application’s sorting, filtering, and search features help users find events in their areas using their personal location. Whether you're looking for an activity to treat your family. Or a fundraising dinner to earn thawab in this dunya and akhira, Naltaqi can help you choose.

How we built it

Naltaqi was built with the Angular framework.

Challenges we ran into

Because the Naltaqi team live in different time-zones, scheduling meetings was a challenge, especially at the start. The team was formed around the final few days of HalalHacks, so getting everything done while balancing work and school has taught the team a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At Naltqi, we are proud and grateful of creating an impact for what matters most. Ajr and barakah was felt throughout the building process.

What we learned

We explored each other’s areas of knowledge and learned the tools, strategies, and new ways of approaching problems we face.

What's next for Naltaqi

Business plan: Our only costs would be our database to store user login information. For scaling costs we plan on having a donation feature to fund the database we use (firebase by Google). We plan on informing the muslim community about our web application using word of mouth, different social media platforms, and installing a sharing feature in our next update.

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