Managing state is a simple, powerful capability that most DAOs aren't using right now. We want to demonstrate a simple DAO that manages the state in the hopes that more DAOs will be inspired to incorporate state management.

What it does

Check it out here:

It uses a simple DAO smart contract to let users: 1) make proposals to change the state 2) gain voting power and vote on those proposals 3) execute passed proposals to change the state (which changes the UI of the DAO).

How we built it

The smart contract: we built a simple DAO smart contract from scratch.

The UI: we built a simple shell UI that replaces itself with data looked up at the address stored in the state of the DAO contract.

Challenges we ran into

Both the smart contract and the UI build went smoothly! We were held up by struggles with:

  • Using for the first time
  • Strange behavior from http requests to Infura
  • Ropsten testnet congestion during the event(??)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A working project that anyone at the hackathon can participate in right now
  • Hopefully highlighting the potential of state management in DAOs

What we learned

  • How to use remix!
  • Dynamically replacing an entire html page with javascript
  • How DAOs might use state management in the future

What's next for Naive State DAO

The next steps for this project are likely implementations of state management features for existing DAO networks like DAOstack and Aragon. The use-case space for DAO state management is wide and, we think, exciting:

  • Organizational infrastructure: DAOs managing mission statements and codes of conduct that evolve over time
  • Product development: DAOs that can iterate products through A/B testing, etc.
  • Media creation: DAOs that can do collaborative writing, editing, art-making, etc.

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