NAiSE Distance Warning

The Problem

Keeping the recommended social distancing is one of the most important keys to avoid the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. But is it possible to stay safe in a work environment? What if one of my coworkers I had contact with falls sick? How can we keep a running production while caring about the safety of the employes?

The Solution

In order to ensure the safety of employees and minimize unnecessary contact while keeping the business running, we present NAiSE Distance Warning. NAiSE Distance Warning is a light and easy to carry sensor, which warns if anyone is coming to close, not respecting the social distance rules. It emits a sound signal and vibrates alerting you and the person nearby in case you are too close to each other.

The sensor is able to keep information if anyone has come too close to you during the day. Thereby allowing to create a contact chain. This can be used in case someone gets infected by the COVID-19. If anyone in a factory falls sick, it is possible to look at the chain of contacts this person had and warn each individual on this chain of possible virus contamination. This reduces the number of people to be tested for COVID-19, reducing the number of employees going into quarantine and keeping the production going on without putting more people at risk.

A Closer Look

The sensor can be fastened to the belt or hung around the neck. Once activated, it permanently measures the distance to other sensors and warns the carrier if the distance to other people is too short. This is done by beeping and vibrating the sensor, which increases or decreases according to the measured distances. This can be better seen in our video above.

The type of technology was carefully chosen to fit industrial environments. We use Ultra-wideband (UWB) to transmit a signal at 6.5 Ghz. Unlike other technologies as Bluetooth or Wifi, which accuracy has a meter variation, our sensor achieves a distance accuracy of less than 10 cm, making it possible to estimate exactly whether an unwanted contact occurred or not (see Figure 2). Moreover, it is non-intrusive like cameras and it is possible to keep every employee anonymous.

We developed an App for receiving the saved data in the sensors and processing it to create a chain of contacts. If an employee gets sick with COVID-19, with one click it is possible to see who came too close to him/her and rapidly inform them of possible contamination.

Impact of the Solution

The entire economy has suffered high losses during this crisis. In the german automobile industry, a shutdown costs 400 million Euros a day. Source

Distance Warning can greatly reduce the spread of the virus (see Figure 1). Additional to that, with the Contact Chain we can also ensure that only employees who have actually been in contact with a sick person are tested and quarantined.

This ensures that plants do not have to be closed and can continue production avoiding unnecessary costs.

Next steps for NAiSE Distance Warning

NAiSE Distance Warning is ready for action! If it is only for keeping the recommended social distancing or also to follow the contact chain, it is possible to begin a safer work journey as soon as possible.

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