InspirationThere’s always those days that you want to get your nails done but you’re always worried about not finding the perfect color to match your skin or the perfect color to match the season and then there are those times when you’re indecisive about what shape and length you want but with our new app “nailed it” you can now design your nails the way you desire with color and shape and it will give you directions to the nail salons that include those colors in their salon and you can call and make an appointment.

What it does this app lets you choose your own nail colors and designs. This apps also allows you to be satisfied with your nails.

How I built it Well at first we were talking about how bad we needed our nails done and I said I wish there were an app where we could design our nails before going to the nail salon because once I get there I’m so indecisive and Keionna responded that yea that would be a good idea for an app. So then we used the cat app to make ours.

Challenges I ran into we didn't know what app to make in the beginning

Accomplishments that I'm proud of thats we got nominated in this competition

What I learned that we can make people satisfied with themselves

What's next for Nail'd It We want to put locations on our app, basically like when you click on the color it will give you an address of which nail salon has the color. We want to add this but we just don't know how to do this. This will be added in version 2.0

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