This project was inspired by the lack of a readily available directory specifically for Nigerian software developers and IT enthusiasts.

What it does

A platform for discovering IT skills within Nigeria. Users will get to create an account and update their profiles with their stacks and relevant projects and ways for prospective clients to get in touch with them. As a stretch goal, we will build ways to filter results based on specific states and/or cities.

How I built it

This project was built by Oloruntobi Awoderu, Josemaria Nriagu, Isaac Aderogba. Isaac worked on the frontend while me(Oloruntobi) and Josemaria worked on the backend. We built the backend using MongoDB for our database and Graphql as our query language for our API. We built the frontend using React and Typescript while also using Cloudinary to manage our digital assets

Challenges I ran into

We ran into some challenges using GraphQl because we weren't familiar with it as this was the first time we were using it in a project. We didn't initially know how to set up Register and Login using Graphql, but we were eventually able to figure that out. We also ran into some problems trying to update our Mongodb document as we weren't also familiar with it, but we were also able to figure that out by reading the documentation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of starting and completing this project with two new technologies that we weren't familiar with - Graphql and MongoDB**

What I learned

We learnt to work, communicate and collaborate effectively as a team. We were also able to implement new technologies such as Graphql and MongoDB

What's next for Naijaworks

We are going to continue iterating over naijaworks, and try to gamify it by adding completion rate. We are also going to try to add a follow functionality and a chat functionality between users, ad try to make it a mini social network for Techies

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