Youthcorpers_(Connect and Accommodation)

Providing innovation & solution for Nigeria Youth Corpers in terms of Accommodation, mobility and inter state connect

Accommodation For those who get posted to states outside their states of residence, accommodation can be a big problem with other basic needs. Getting a comfortable place on a corper’s salary can be a bit challenging and also getting a smart place to stay before can be a pain in the ass. It is truly a serious matter. Corps members have been grappling with the problem of accommodation in Nigeria for a long time. It is either a corps member lived in the particular state before youth service posting or he has relations living within the city, or he resorts to squatting with friends

Connection We sat down as a team to think on possible ways and idea towards solving problems in our community and country as a whole because we are aware of the fear imposed on individual when they are been deployed outside of their state and with this new creation we are sure it will bridge the gap and tension faced by Youth Corpers in terms of;

i) Connecting to others in outside state

ii) Accommodations for individuals with comfort and safety in mind

iii) Corpers Trade zone is a feature where out going/passing out corpers can trade with new incoming ones hassle free.

We at Team(w4tchnl3rn) are inspired to learning and willing to face greater challenges hereby providing EDU-INNOVATION, Solving major problem encountered by thousands of graduates from various institutions across Nigeria and beyond

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