NaijaHacks Hackathon 2019

Team Lit

Team Members

Proposed Solution

A platform that allows users in critical crises or criminal activities to alert neighbours and suitable crime-force within a specified area to come at their rescue.

Proposed Stack

Flutter, Dart, Firebase and Google Maps.


Inadequate methods of alerting people on live criminal activities in search for rescue.


  • To provide a suitable means of savaging criminal activities to provide safety for citizens.
  • To provide real-time location update on where a criminal activity is going on.
  • Ability to alert suitable force in relation to the crime taking place.
  • Reduce rate of criminal activities in neighbourhoods.
  • Provide a feel-of-relief for citizens when currently in a criminal situation.
  • Ability to record voice or snap pictures when in the face of danger

Directory layout

lib (Contains source code). assets (Contains assets).

Downloading latest apk version to track changes

  • Google drive

Built With

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