NaijaHacks Hackathon 2019

Team Neon

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Inadequate learning methodologies in most public schools in Nigeria leading to students finding learning boring and uninteresting.

Proposed Solution

A platform that brings Secondary School Students together to ask and proffer solutions to questions on any topic or subject.

Proposed Stack

Postgres (with Sequelize), Express, ReactJs, Node.


  • To provide a local connect among the above entities so as to improve education in Nigeria.
  • A good resource for students to find where to learn and who to learn from.

Top-level directory layout

├── frontend                        # Front End
├── Server                          # Backend

How to setup project and run locally

Clone the repository

git clone

API Endpoints

POST /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/register Ceate new user
POST /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/login Users login
GET /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/users/:userId Get a particular user
POST /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/users/:userId/topics Create a new topic
GET /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/topics Get all topics
GET /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/topics/categories/:category Filter topics by category
GET /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/topics/:page/:pageSize Get Paginated topics
GET /api/v1/neonSchoolForum//topics/:topicId Get a particular topic
POST /api/v1/neonSchoolForum/users/:userId/topics/:topicId/comments Add a new comment

Install all dependencies

Using npm

npm install

Start the development server to test API Endpoints

Using npm

cd Server
npm i -g nodemon
npm run dev

Start project to test from the browser

Using npm

npm start
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