Adamu is a zealous teacher and loves to teach his students. The textbook provided by the school is just not enough. Adamu takes at least three periods and is struggling to find modern teaching methods to make his work easier. He is also in need of resources to aid his teaching methods. Adamu does not have enough time to go to the library to find resources to teach his students considering the number of periods he has daily. The school, on the other hand, is battling with finding the best resources that Adamu and other teachers can use. They are faced with the challenge of constantly updating their library with modern resources.

Implications of the problem and downsides of existing solutions

This challenge poses both on the part of the school and Adamu. This is because Adamu does not have a varied number of resources at this comfort to effectively plan for his lesson. The school, on the other hand, has tried recommending sites and some videos to Adamu to facilitate the lesson planning. This has, however, proven to be inadequate as the school cannot effectively recommend online resources and books for every single teacher in their school. The school and the government have tried to ease this challenge by providing curriculums but this is not a substitute for the quality of content that can be delivered to the students.

Introduce your solution

Hence the need for InvolveTeacher. InvolveTeacher is a digital teach-kits platform that integrates the school curriculum and brings the teacher and the school administration closer to varied, and a number of resources. These resources include Multimedia Resources like Videos, Audio, slides and interactive images

State it benefits

InvolveTeacher connects the teacher to the internet bringing them not only closer to resources that can be read, but it also provides a platform of resources such as videos, pictures and games that can be incorporated into learning. This will not only make teaching interesting, but it will also make learning easier and more beneficial. The teacher is not only stuck with the textbook provided by the school, but the teacher is provided with options from which he can choose from. The school administration will no longer be burdened with buying textbooks for the teacher, which in most cases requires changes as revised editions are daily released. The school can be sure of the content online which is always being updated. InvolveTeacher covers the development of digital teach-kits for several subjects which can be accessed online and offline on mobile phones

Compare with existing solutions

In Nigeria, there is no such solution. InvolveTeacher is the first indigenous application built by Nigerians using West African Examination Council syllabus as a case study

Highlight why you're a good fit to build your solution

We are passionate about improving quality education in Nigeria. We have experienced first-hand the educational system in Nigeria both as teachers( which some of us were) and students. We would therefore only push for what we are certain will be useful and best for the educational sector.

Mention future plans

We see a future of digital educational system and the possibility of lesson note automation. We also want to erase completely the submission of books from the teachers to the school administration for assessment. With the digital platform, school administrations will find it easy to monitor teachers progress, teachers will have ease planning and preparing for their lessons. The platform was built for secondary schools using the WAEC curriculum with a total of one hundred and four(104) subjects. However, it can be replicated through every educational institution which includes kindergarten, primary and tertiary institutions using their individual curriculum.

Close with what you believe in, in relation to your solution and how your solution fits into that belief.

We believe in delivering quality education to students which is in line with the Sustainable development goals. This platform will drive this by enabling that teachers deliver quality education to students through providing teachers with varied learning resources which include videos, audios and e-books.

Technologies used

PHP, Lumen, React, Axios, redux, Wolfram Alpha and MYSQL

Video Content Crawler also developed to get the best videos directly from YouTube using topic keywords. The videos returned are based on some criteria such as number of views, comment counts, publication dates and so on. The videos generated from the application aids in the visual understanding of the topic . Wolfram was used to generate recommended E-books using the aggregated keywords of the subject to return definitions, description, explanation and related resources.

Pinterest and Google Images are crawled out using the same technology for interactive images and graphics that support the videos and the lesson notes already provided.

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