The Reason Behind The Idea

In 2010, a National Literacy Survey (2010) conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics in Nigeria estimates that adults (which are from 15 years and above ) literacy rate as56.9%. And one of the challenges is the stigma going back to the school has on the aging populace so we decided to bring the school to the students.

The Problem.

The problems our solution tends to tackle are

1) Educating the Adults

2) Educating them in a safe and healthy environment where they cannot be seen as too old or be booed for attending classes

The final Product

The final stage of the product is a platform that can utilize teachers from every subject available and provide a safe learning environment for the students to learn. We also intend that the students will be able to sit for examinations like WAEC and NECO and have certificates that will prove their hard work


The challenges we will face include having a community that will be open-minded to allow such an idea to affect it positively and also change the way the education system is in general.

Our learning path

We have learned about how the community we live in has a large and growing number of people who don't have basic education that can help their daily life, also we learned how to harness the power of technology to solve such a huge problem.

The Future.

In the future we look towards changing the whole crude system of education in our country and have a system where the quality of education is increased and the cost reduced so that even the poor can afford to educate their kids.

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