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Students find it hard to gain access to good student tutors that are really good in specific courses. Student tutors find it hard to coordinate students taking courses.

Proposed Solution

A platform that connects student scholars, instructors/professionals, to students in Nigerian Universities that need help in specified courses that will ultimately take the tutorial form. Students access this platform through subscription on semester to semester basis. Courses are taken via text means and video tutorial format. .

Proposed Stack

Node, ReactJs, Apollo client, GraphQL and MongoDB (with mlab)


  • To provide a local connect among the above entities so as to improve education in Nigeria.
  • A good resource for students in Nigerian Universities to find where to learn and who to learn from
  • Provide revenue for other student scholars and instructors.
  • Provide an extra means for student scholars to make extra cash through tutoring.
  • Reduce rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

What inspired us

  • Students usually complain of finding good student tutors who are experienced enough to take them on certain courses, through this the inspiration for the idea was born. And the solution for this problem is being built.

Why our idea is a game changer

  • We believe this idea has a lot to offer to students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria, because of the user friendly nature of the idea, and the other features that will be added to the project to make it more attractive for students to access.

What we learned

  • Persistence,dedication,teamwork, resilience and commitment gets the work done.

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