Naijahacks 2019



Team Members

Oluwasanmi Adeshina

Ananike Kingsley Chijioke

Nwaelugo Noel Orisaemeka

Aremu Folajomi Abdulsamad


Unavailability of materials, files and text tutorials for individuals(Especially Students) around the globe.

Proposed Solution

Sharing of files between students is a major problem identified in education. Often times, slides and lecture notes/materials are shared through course representatives, which are often times unreliable and sometimes difficult to reach or access. Thereby, there is no inclusion of every individual of the class. So let’s leave the confines of our school. What if I’d like to get lecture materials, presentation slides, textbooks and others used in other universities within and outside the country? There is almost no where to go to.

That is why we built EduVite. EduVite is a file sharing platform that allows users across the globe to share and upload files across the platform. The platform also enables users to search and download files from anywhere in the world in any related field and course of study. Profiles can also be shared amongst users to allow them view each others account and download files

Proposed Stack

  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase Database/ Cloud Storage


  1. Availability of materials and Text files
  2. Availability of sample project topics and Past Questions for Students
  3. Any File can be sent regardless of the field of study.
  4. Files must not be school related too, Novels and leisure materials could be shared.

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posted an update

Just one week In, and the app is coming out strong, we've started implementing important features!. This is a project to keep an eye on. It's been a pleasure hacking with my awesome teammates and the entire "Naija". We're not stopping here for sure!.

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