The rate of suicide in Nigeria today is alarming especially in recent years, hence the birth of a solution, surepsyche to curb this menace. Apart from readily coming to the rescue of users who reach out, surepsyche also provides awareness and education to the unsuspecting who might be unaware that they are truly mentally ill and need help and assistance. This is possible through the features available on the app to chat/speak with psychological experts, as well as a test that can be carried out to determine the true state of mind of the individual.

Surepsyche is an application that provides readily-accessible individual counseling/psychological therapy with psychological professionals and mental health social workers for people with, or at the risk of developing a mental illness.

On the application is a feature that enables user speak/chat with mental health social workers on the go.

At the top right end of the app is a "get started" button that enables a user sign up to begin chat sessions with seasoned psychological experts, or a sign in for returning users to pick up from where they left off.

At the bottom are features that can be used to start chats with experts like stated before. Also, a feature to quickly carry out a check on one's mental health for users who might have before hand thought they were doing fine, and therefore in no need for assistance.

There is also a call feature that allows users to call up, on the spot, mental health workers, especially during emergency, who would in turn guide them through their problems, by so doing avoiding casualties.

We intend, through our product, surepsyche, to help as many people to find true purpose in living, and sack completely the menace of suicide and depression. We just want to put smiles on people's faces, and we hope that becomes a reality.

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