One of the major challenges to the safety of Nigerians is delay in reporting of crimes and accidents that happen around them and quick response from emergency agencies. More than 119 fire outbreak was recorded in Lagos in January 2019 alone and according to FRSC, at least 1,618 people have lost their lives through road accidents between December 2018 and February 2019. With the believe that Nigerians are the ones that can make Nigeria and Nigerians safe, we are building a solution that allows people report crimes and accidents as they happen in the go as swiftly as they are happening.

What it does

SafeNigeria allows people to record emergencies that happen around them and post them online for people to stay safe off there or take measures. It is a platform to report accidents and crimes on the go as swiftly as they happen.

How we built it

We built the UI using HTML 5, designed the UI using a CSS framework. Bootstrap 4 and we used Python's web framework, Django for the functionality of the web app.

Challenges we ran into

Inadequate time to incorporate all the features one the platform, due to the contest time frame, as we would have loved to develop some other APIs and libraries that allow GPS tracking of users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy we were able to create a solution for one of the problems in this country and we're also proud to see that other people's fear will be lifted by the solution we have brought to the society.

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What we learned

We have learnt that Nigerians can contribute to keep Nigeria and Nigerians safe and reduce the casualties and effect of accidents and crimes by reporting emergencies when they see one.

We have also learnt the spirit of Team Dynamism and Working together as that has been our major treasure in building SafeNigeria platform.

What's next for Safe Nigeria

After NaijaHacks2019, We are going to complete the development of SafeNigeria, carry out user testing then launch for Nigerians to use and stay safe. We are also adding a GPS feature that informs users on what is happening at 200m radius around them, so they can take safety precautions and alert their love ones too. We believe Nigerians are the ones that can make Nigeria and Nigerians safe

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