The Problem

Keeping track of information in an average Nigerian University is hard, there's hardly consistency with information related to fixed classes, assignment due dates, exam dates, this is mostly because there isn't a centralized way of managing and distributing this information across students.

Education has also transcended from just a single activity to something more complicated, you now have students engaged in other activities outside school, sometimes it's work, other times it is personal things. It becomes difficult for this set of students to keep track of their school life and schedule.

For Educators, understanding students and how they respond or feel about a class/subject is almost impossible, There is currently no system in place to track the performance of students in class and their engagement level.

Proposed Solution


"Nudge" is a concept in behavioral science, political theory and behavioral economics which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions of ways to influence the behavior and decision making of groups or individuals.

Nudge is a class management and automated schedule tracking system for students, to keep track of their school and work time, notify them of changes to their timetable, fixed classes, exam dates, and always make sure you're aware of deadlines. This system is able to automatically monitor your deadlines and text, and even call you depending on the state of those deadlines.

Using the Twilio API, we're able to automate phone calls to a student's phone number, with

  • Having notes synced across devices from any device, so you don't have to worry when you miss a class.
  • For students, you can be notified of classes, assignment due dates, and also get that nudge you need to attend to them with an automated call.
  • For teachers, tracking your class engagement just got easier, Nudge provides realtime analytics via student feedback, for you to know how you're doing with class, an opportunity for improvement

Why are we building it?

It is common practice in Nigerian universities for lecturers to give out last minute information or create a schedule more than half of the students do not know about. Sometimes the class representatives might send a message to the class group to inform them of the class or a friend who is aware of the class might give a call to the student who is unaware. But there are also people who are not entitled to or have those helpful friends to look out for them. Also, there are people who are not online because of reluctance towards group chat or problems like lack of mobile data, unrestrained or limitless messages from the group chat, finance e.t.c.

Our solution gives students the luxury of awareness, A proper and arranged schedule and also a reliable automated assistant to always give you a call to notify you of changes in your class schedule.

This solution also gives educationalists (teachers and lecturers alike) who are passionate about the academic growth of students, the ability to track and respond to student's engagement rate in each class they coordinate, with this kind of information, Educators would be able to adjust their teaching methods to better engage students and improve general academic performance.

Globally, Nudge aims to integrate Big Data to collate untapped data from classes that can be used to track students engagement rate and response rate to certain topics, their attendance rate, performance in tests and exams, the ratio of subjects with higher interest vs the ratio of subjects with lower interest, etc. With this huge amount of data, Educational Institutions can adopt certain teaching techniques for certain demography of students knowing their interests, what works and what doesn't in an average African School setting.

Who are we building for?

This solution targeted at Students ranging from secondary and tertiary Institutions to Universities. It is also targetted towards educationalists who are aiming to improve the standard of learning in classes. The Data collated and structured by Nudge can be used by the Government (Ministries of Education) as a form of observation to track functional teaching techniques and restructure the educational system to fit the trend. 

Proposed Stack

Node, Firebase, Twilio API, Flutter, Vue.js


  • To create better student-teacher relationship
  • To help keep track of global class statistics, not a lot of data about class activities are recorded, hence no one really knows how an average Nigerian class feels like, with gathered student data and engagement statistics, we can have this.
  • Help Students Manage their time, they won't have to miss a lecture if they can help it.
  • Keeping consistent class data and information across students (timetable changes, events)
  • Increase the standard of learning in an average Nigerian School
  • Gives Students the power or opportunity to lay complain or give constructive feedback about a particular topic, or teaching method.
  • Help Teachers improve the quality of teaching by getting feedback from students.
  • Reminders of assignments and their due dates to prevent failure of completion or ignorance
  • Teacher call to enable the Class Representative to get quality information about a class, schedule, assignment or project
  • Universal notes (by choice) to prevent lack of knowledge even when the student misses a class
  • Earn points for each schedule you attend and lose points for each schedule unattended (points can be converted for SMS messages). This is a way of encouraging class attendance.

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