As students, we discovered that our mates are not actually studying what they wanted to study in the University. Not to mention, a lot of them don't have a clear vision of their career, they just wish to simply jump on whatever they see.

What it does

It, simply, matches people to the best careers suitable for them. To be more in-depth, it:

  • Captures details about a user's persona
  • Determines the most suitable careers for said user
  • Suggests those careers to the user, but allows the user to override them and choose what they love.

How we built it

  • We took a survey to determine the correlation between skills, hobbies, talents and preferred careers.
  • Using this data we built a platform that uses an algorithmic method to assist people in choosing their careers without much confusion or bias.

Challenges we ran into

  • Light and Electricity to work
  • Collecting data for our statistics
  • Inadequate Internet to work
  • Issues setting up hosting providers

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our sweet UI
  • Accurate Geo-statistical survey of careers based on the criteria used for the algorithm
  • Worked sample career suggestion and decision algorithm.

What we learned

We determined the lack of passion students have for courses they're studying, generally. We also discovered that career choices are made haphazardly simply based on word of mouth or random recommendations from people, which shouldn't be so.

What's next for DevMinds

We aim to go beyond Nigeria and improve the education and career correlation across Africa, and even the world, helping people achieve passion and goals for their career. Also, plan to predict with the application of some machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm based on previous statistical data, the career potential, intelligence and genius abilities of next coming generation of the world and families in it to ensure that the next & future world economy suits everyone

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