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Learners in today's world are faced with difficulties ranging from retention, team work, overdependence on teachers and boredom / lack of motivation. This difficulties are more prominent as a result of the default classroom learning methodology which comes of as boring and monotonous to learners in the digital age. Learners do not have opportunities to work together and as a result timid learners might be relegated in favour of more active ones.

Proposed Solution

A platform that implements Problem-based learning (PBL) to drive learner interaction. This app provides an alernative, fun path to learning by presenting academic concepts in form of challenges to ignite the interest of students. Learning by applying is one of the best ways to retain knowledge and on Edmatic students can apply academic concepts in scenarios which improves their critical thinking skills. Students from various instituions are connected to foster collaboration and share information on emerging trends in different fields of study etc.

Proposed Stack

Java Android, PHP, MySQL, Firebase, Sketch

Features of the android app

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Create a team
    • Accept a challenge
    • Answer questions from a challenge
    • Declare winner of a challenge
  • Join a team
  • Leave a team
  • Dashboard to display user details
  • List past competition/challenge
  • List upcoming competition/challenge
  • A tab that contains updates on latest admission, scholarships and internships opportunity


  • Improve collaboration of students on research, competions.
  • Provide information on career opportunities and the skillset required to meet the workforce demand.
  • Promote knowledge retention by presenting academic concepts as real life problem scenarios.

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