Graybot is an educational platform which aims at making the access to educative material easier by bringing these educative materials closer to the user and in their own desired choice of language.

Problem Statement

  • Individuals tend to perform poorly on tasks due to the lack of access to quality and vast educational resources
  • individuals that have access to these quality resources still face challenges in understanding them due to language barrier
  • Majority don’t have understanding on how to go about assignments, tests and projects
  • The physically challenged are not really put into consideration in our educational sector


Team Graybot has come up with a solution in form of an application that makes the access and management (in terms of language) of such educational resources easier, faster and stress free by bringing these educational resources closer to the use.


- An online book search platform that leads the user directly to any desired book inorder to download and use the book freely.
- An online platform that solves several ranges of mathematical questions.
- A language translation platfrom that supports over 80 languages including indeginous Nigerian languages (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo)
- A text to speech platform to aid the physically challenged
- An online platform where users get to post questions, projects, assignments that require solving and help
- An dashboard where users get answers to their questions, assignments and posts 

Our Stack

The technologies we are engaging in order to develop our application are:
- Javascript / Typescript [Angular, Node.js, Express]
- MongoDB

Team Members

 Below are the members of team Graybot
- [Okunade Stephen] (
- [Kalango Michael] (
- [Adeniyi Mayokun] (
+ 13 more
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