NaijaHacks Hackathon 2019


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Source of Inspiration

  • Seeing a 3rd trimester pregnant woman in ahia ohuru market in Aba, very heavy with pregnancy trying to buy stock fish to use to cook instead of resting in preparation for delivery.
  • When my aunty cooked a meal for my 10th birthday, where about 50 kids from my school came. Normally my aunt is a good cook when she cooks for the family of about five, but cooking for about 50 kids was different she said the major challenge she faced was knowing how much ingredient is enough/is to be added in the meal.

What I learned

  • i learnt how to work effectively in a team -i learnt how combine different tools to efficiently increase productivity.

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of Electricity in my environment -i also had network problems/failure in my environment -below average help/contribution from our mentor


  • Challenges faced in purchasing food stuff from the market,
  • Lack of proper knowledge of the amount of ingredients needed to prepare a particular meal for a paticular number of persons,
  • Inability of people to obtain traditional delicacies outside their reach,
  • Lack of proper knowledge of a healthy food combination and its nutritional values.

Proposed Solution

A platform to deliver food recipes to people for their desired meal, ease the challenges/stress involved in purchasing food stuff from the market, to educate people on the amount of ingredient needed to prepare a particular meal for a specific number of persons, to enable people get traditional delicacies recipies outside their immediate environment. The platform also educate people on healthy food combinations and their nutrirional values.

Proposed Stack

Java Android with Firebase.


  • Saves time and Reduces stress thereby creating time for other things
  • Creates Employment opporturnities
  • Is a source of revenue
  • Eliminates the fear of the unavailability of food stuffs locally
  • Educates people on how to cook healthy balanced food

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