NaijaHacks Hackathon 2019


Team Members (Name, Github-url, Stack)

Okegbemi Lawrence – - Machine Learning Engineer
Ahamisi Godsfavor – – Back-end Developer
Adeyi Esther – – Front-end Developer
Ojewale Kehinde – – Data Scientist

What inspired us

Nigeria is faced with a very high level of unemployment. Yet, most of these unemployed people have marketable skills. The problem is that they are unable to easily connect with the potential employers who require their skills within and outside the country. Even when they do, the potential employers also face a significant uncertainty about the integrity and capability of these skilled professionals and are skeptical of taking the chance. A considerable amount of energy and time is also spent by the employers in the process of finding the right professional.


Getting the right professional for a task can be quite stressful. A lot of times, we need to call friends to ask for options, consider various prices and still, there’s the risk of disappointment or poor quality execution of the task. In Nigeria, tailors will, oftentimes, disappoint. It becomes difficult to get a carpenter in an unfamiliar area within few minutes when there are no recommendations. Parents spend so much time and energy looking for the perfect home tutor for their kids. Even in the tech world, Nigerian web designers, graphic designers, software developers, etc, are still unable to easily connect with the right clients, the right audience, especially outside the country. There is a major trust issue with the blacks, specifically Nigerians. The solution that seems to exist has so many niches which is why we have created Mergeme.

We have come up with a platform that helps people find the right professional with no fear of disappointment, saving them time, energy and even cost. With Mergeme, every skill is marketable and anyone can get any of their needs met. All they need to do is ask to be merged! Our solution involves an online marketplace that includes every professional with any skill, waiting to connect and solve the problems of the Mergeme clients. We have come up with an interactive conversational experience that does not deprive the employers their negotiation power for tasks where negotiation is critical and at the same time, creates quality income for the Mergeme professionals. Mergeme, with integrated features, makes the choice of the right professional easy for every employer by understanding each user uniquely through a customized system. For users with no knowledge on how to find the right professional, we have created a system that empowers them to make the right choice. The unique conversational experience on Mergeme includes all forms of virtual communication with video calls when necessary for the connection between the two parties. With our great analytics, it becomes easier for us to understand every user uniquely and provide resourceful information from the data collected.

The average skilled professional wants to have a totally coordinated scheduled, automation of tasks and ease of work. Mergeme provides users with all of these in such a way that would make the professionals redirect their non-Mergeme clients to the platform so that the entirety of their work/tasks and schedules can be handled by the smart Mergeme system. Users(employers) can monitor the progress of jobs to be sure the job will be accomplished as scheduled or make a complaint and withdraw. The risk and shock of disappointment is greatly controlled. Mergeme is only for professionals who have integrity and great proficiency. Any reported act of delay in job delivery will have its toll on the professional's reputation on the platform. To keep a strong reputation, the key is simple— efficient delivery!

With Mergeme, constant skill upgrade for users(professionals) on the platform is inevitable. The system makes it easier. They only need one thing- being on the Mergeme platform. Mergeme seeks to create a more efficient workforce fully equipped to handle the demands and needs of users (employers).

With Mergeme, skilled professionals like graphics designers no longer need to be afraid that after sending samples of jobs, employers would decline but later use them without their consent and without making payments. Access to materials is restricted to the platform alone and until the final close of the deal, the employers would have no total access to it outside the platform. Screenshots and other means of illicitly accessing materials would be disabled once a user is on the platform. On the other hand, transaction fees paid through Mergeme are totally secured and the employers can get a total refund for a deal that is not finalized for whatever reasons. The professionals only have access to the money after the finalization of the deal/completion of the task . With Mergeme, we are creating a revolutionary platform that connects diverse skilled professionals within Nigeria to the rest of the world and vice versa. We are creating a new face for the employment system with just 10 percent of the charged fee for every job taken within the platform.

Mergeme is for that person who is tired of being disappointed by amaka tailors, that person with a non-technical skill who is frustrated that only the tech guys have a platform to connect them to employers, that person who desires the easiest means of having their needs met just as the need arises with absolute guarantee of timely delivery. The Mergeme tribe is one that gives the power to connect and experience leverage with absolute convenience.


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