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The Safety of Nigerian Students on Campus, families in their home has become more than just an issue that should not be taken with levity. Kidnapping of students, some used for rituals and this is not just for the female student alone even the males are becoming victim of this act.

Proposed Solution

A platform that that send an awareness to the campus security control room, and also head of security in your estate. The platform send your current location as well as your home/school profile information to the control room and help is been discharged to the family/student. This platform is multipurpose in that its not just for student alone it can be adopted by most private estate in Nigeria and all over the world. At the tap of a button, help is sent to you wherever the fellow that need the help is.

Proposed Stack

JavaScript (React Native), NodeJs, Django and MongoDB


  • To provide first hand safety response for campus Students
  • To provide first hand safety response for families

Top-level directory layout


How to setup project and run locally

Clone the repository

git clone

Install all dependencies

Using yarn

yarn install

Using npm

npm install

Start watching the file and changes

Using yarn

yarn run watch

Using npm

npm run watch

Install Expo on your device using this link

Expo for Android

Expo for IOS

Start the react native bundler to test project on your device

Using yarn

yarn start

Using expo

expo start
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