To educate, engage, and empower participants enrolled in clinical studies, They must be sound learning and social environments.

In this applications, the Clinical Participants will be able to work as follows.

1: Register for a clinical course via e-online learning and was supervised by Clinical Experts.

2: To further the studies,the participants was able to borrow books from the clinical Library and the book will be returned on the agreed date with the Clinical Librarian.

3:The Participants was able to request and keep appointments with the Clinical Experts via our Scheduling database.

4: The Participants was able to perform clinical experiments,Observations and make intelligent inferences. The remark of this experiments was given by the Clinical Supervisors.

5: Participants was able to make reports or seek for help during and after clinical studies.

6: Participants were given orientations regarding the norms and values of clinical studies.

7: To encourage clinical hardwork Participants were given some incentives which may incldes free social amenities,free accomodations, little money etc.

8: Online Exams was suggested as this will help to equip them both mentally, theoritically, practicallly and otherwise.

9: Yearly awards for the best clinical Researcher of the year.

10: Participants were able to send friend request, messages, notifications and chat with fellow participants on clinical issues

11: To further render assistance on clinical studies, the participants were able to join general chatroom and clinical discussion forum where questions are being ask to get answers from experience professionals.

12: To make the study lively, the participants were able to update her status,upload photos to recieve clinical comments.

13: The Clinical Admin/Moderator was able to cordinates all clinical activities, broadcast clinical messages/notifications on happening events to participants via the Clinical Control Panel.

14: Many more.....

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