Don't try to be the best. Be the first. Be the first to change. Be the first to solve a problem -- "Jack Ma". And that's the channel my inspiration comes from, Then i decide to develop an App, that can be of help to Nigeria citizen, to serve as a means rescue, to assist, whenever they find them self in an incident, that require the need of the force agency. Ranging from: NSCDC, FRSC, NPF, FIRE BRIGADE

What it does

It serve as a rescue Application for citizen in a problem or incident whereby they needs the urgent assistant of the Force Agency, in which a victim, or people nearby with the App, we be able to send the location of the incident for rescue in form of longitude and latitude to the definite agency for easy tracking of the current location of the incident, it has enablement to make calls directly from the Application in order to save their life

How I built it

I built this project using Android-Studio, using XML, with Google-Material Design Library, Java programming Language, Sqlitedatabase, GoogleMap Technology...alongside with online tutorials, Stackoverflow to debug and ask question.

Challenges I ran into

Hmmmm.....First challenge I face is, 1. "Failure of Power supply". 2. My teams that we ought to work together do not turn-up and that wasn't the plan before, and it makes the task cumbersome for me with sleepless night..3. Imagine a programmer with system that has no backup....once light go off... i start to look/call/source for somewhere else that has light

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I could developed an Application up-working within 7days.....designing UI/UX and writing java codes all alone at the same like a magic.

What I learned

I learn new technology from @naijahacks2019 free resource....Like the Lecture on the NEXMO API.....its amazing....i get to know that....charts app,are basically depending on api, I learn new libraries that of out consider to learn about before, but during the course of developing this project i was expose to them, my horizon was expanded, i'm not use to Github before...but this project prompt me to create one.

What's next for Citizen Safety

Technology should be implement, in the citizen safety, because it's the smart way to help/rescue the citizen from dangerous incident

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