IT Support team using Nagios for monitoring & Atlassian toolset for ticketing needs to keep track of Nagios incidents from Nagios Dashboard and Other helpdesk requests through Jira or Service Desk. Most of the time they rely on email notification triggers.

Nagios Jira Integration help them in monitoring infra related tickets form Jira or service desk itself.

What it does

When ever a critical incident is generated in Nagios same is pushed in Jira in mapped project & issue type.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Making the plugin work for cloud and server was biggest challenges. Lack of documentation for Atlassian conect addons further contributed to challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of getting it work for both cloud and server editions of Jira & simplicity with which end user can integrate two systems without having to be worried about doing complex scripting on Nagios side. It's a simple curl command and user can add it to nagios event handler or as command.

With no prior experience on connect addons or spring or spring boot. I am proud of fact It was all done in 4-5 days along with lots stuff to learn.

What I learned

It's been a great learning experience understood many nuances of atlassian connect , spring boot and a lot more.

What's next for Nagios Jira Integration

One crucial feature which is partially complete but may not ship with current release is ability to map Nagios fields with Jira custom fields for better search capabilities & reporting

Another important feature which is in pipeline is making it bidirectional Issue is reported in jira and once it is assigned acknowledge the nagios incident. Once Issue is resolved in Jira close the nagios incident. This will be accomplished using jira webhooks and nagios rapid response url. Have encountered some issue with response url getting populated wrong which I am working on getting addressed by Nagios team. As soon as that is done this feature will be available.

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