the increasing number of casualties in hajj season year for simple causes "lack of air, lack of water, etc" which doesnt need an expert or a medic to solve while all it really need is..quick response.

What it does

an app that sends a distress signal when a user feels ill during hajj to get urgent help from nearby people in hajj season, nearby people using the app will get his location and directions of the sender so they can help him. This.

How I built it

the core functionalities are: using fire base as a quick responsive real time solution and for authentication and will add apple maps as a native maps provider and core location to access devices location.

Challenges I ran into

getting user location and on the cloud and retrieving all users locations and modifying them,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

providing help to people with out cost or additional human resources through a simple interface First Feature: real time syncing of locations on firebase. second Feature: adding the locations on the map and adding the shake funcionality

What I learned

accessing location and providing live navigation

What's next for Nagda

1-The purpose was ease of use so i will design another version for apple watch to provide a quicker solution. 2-adding other features such as accessing certain peaple locations. 3- detecting falls using motion sensors

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