we get inspired from the modern waltter services that are around the world , and how can a person have multipule cars either private one or for work , and how the AI is helping the world become fast

What it does

it reduce the amount of time that people will wait in th queue, by using the AI to give you which station will be fast for you based on the charge on that station, also weprovide a dashboard for the Companies to redirect the money into thier workers accounts for the Fuel, also another dash for the NAFTAL workers that will predict the station needed in the next hours, alsoo we are looking for provide a service to the people who needed a fuel and their cars stops in the middle of nowhere All of this plus a gamification method to gain attention from users

How we built it

using smart machines to provide a QR Codes, and a complete service to provide the help for the people when they need the fuel and they cant go to the stations

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

using Blockchain, AI and also completing the UI and the backend of the platforms

What we learned

Blockchain in the database,

What's next for Untitled

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