We took inspiration from Amazon for cashless payment to avoid long lines and paperwork at naftal stations.

What it does

A B2B payment solution for Naftal and its corporate clients, which aims to eliminate all paperwork and make the payment operation significantly faster.

How we built it

Using the mobile and web technologies listed in the following field, we built a Qr code system for payment as well as a tracking web application for Naftal and its corporates businesses, and also implemented a computer vision model using Python for solution perspectives.

Challenges we ran into

lack of time, problems with the used tool like android studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

that we overcame all challenges, analyze and create a big part of the solution in the short times

What we learned

We learned that there are many aspects we need to focus on to validate an idea, and that teamwork and spirit are very important .

What's next for Naftal-Epay

-Adding a computer vision model for corporates vehicles recognition -Adding blockchain for secure transactions

Built With

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