Dealing with gas stations is making our life just harder, from waiting in queues to paying only in cash, the whole process can be a real waste of time. Therefore we thought of developing an application that will allow us to facilitate the process.

What it does

The Application will make it easier for a client to deal with gas stations and that's with a new online payment method and a smart recommendation system.

How we built it

PWA: just to speed up the process of building mobile for the sake of the Hackathon. Figma: UI/UX design React, NodeJS

Challenges we ran into

Provide the user with a better user experience compared to the existing apps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good user experience and graphical interface Team work and good time management

What we learned

Teamwork and good time management Design thinking and usage of new tools

What's next for NAFTAL E-SERVICE

-make use of the dataset collected by this project

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