Given the current global pandemic, a lot of people feel useless right now (i.e. not allowed to go to their workplace/cannot fulfill their work role purpose), and a lot of people, particularly vulnerable populations, need help (i.e. grocery shopping, picking-up prescriptions, household chores, tutoring). Currently this is dealt with via advertisements/ flyers posted locally. However, many people are not even aware of the current support that is offered due to the current social distancing measures in place and a single phone number cannot centrally and efficiently handle the increasing number of needs. Local community and neighbourhood engagement are a key way to sustain the minds and hearts of people during this challenging time.

What it does

The Nachbar-fuer-Nachbar App offers individuals a platform to fill the current gap by posting their needs (similar to a helpdesk/ticket system) and provides other individuals in the community the opportunity to confirm and deliver the task/ticket. The App is a safe, ideal solution to support those who need help and those who have the time, resources and infrastructure to give back to their neighbours in the local community. In terms of sustainability, the App could be used beyond the current pandemic to continue to provide support from “neighbour to neighbour”.

How I built it

  • user stories
  • mock-up
  • prototype in Mendix
  • open for other technical approaches/solutions

Challenges I ran into

  • technical development/implementation
  • little coding skills

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • participation in a movement
  • team-spirit and speed to action
  • usage of new tools
  • mock-up

What I learned

  • we are not alone
  • we can react and create something
  • quarantine can be productive and fosters creativity

What's next for Nachbarn für Nachbarn App

  • finalize prototype
  • getting technical resources for coding/developing the app
  • national communication plan

Built With

  • lowcoding
  • mendix
  • tbd
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