We got the idea for this platform because when breeding a new dog most of the people focus mainly on the purity of the breed, due to the characteristics, personality and utility of the dog. Since most of its characteristic physiological and physical are due to genetics.

What it does

It asks your zip code the platform then, it searches all the dogs registered near the zip code that you entered. You can also register yourself and after that, you can add dogs to the platform so they can be found. The contact can be found by clicking the picture of the dog you like on the search results, in this case, is the email that is associated with the dog.

How we built it

We developed it with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP, we also used several frameworks such as Bootstrap, Materialize and jQuery. We mount the platform in Amazon Web Services and acquired a domain name from

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging thing we did as part of our project was mostly PHP, none of us had experience using that language so we spent a lot of time reading the documentation as well as the usage of AWS web services and DNS Managment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our project because we got to finish a functional prototype and also to be eligible to enter the AWS challenge by using AWS EC2, VPC, and route 53 as well as begin able to register a domain and being able to be eligible to the best domain name challenge by using Also, we are very proud of ourselves because of all we learned on the hackathon especially sysadmin, DNS, and PHP.

What we learned

We learned a lot of PHP, and CSS syntax. We also learned how to use backend services like AWS and DNS using We learned mostly from reading the documentation of them. It was a little intense at times, but we were able to keep the pace enough to finish a functional prototype.

What's next for

Next in our plans is developing a mobile application for the site to make more users and grow significantly.

Developed by team Ñacas at tecmihacks Presentation:


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