** Incoming Relatable Moment:** you go out to eat with all your friends, and that one friend that never seems to have cash on them asks you to spot them. "I'll pay you back ASAP, I promise!", they say for the 9th time. You know this isn't true, but being the good person you are, you lend them some cash, and forget to ask for the money back, or feel bad to ask them for money back because in the end it wasn't a huge deal... but deep inside you think of all the coffees you could've bought with that lost cash.

What it does

Say no more! Nable will allow you to recover all of your small loans without the hassle or guilt of having to chasing your friends for money. The next time you lend someone money, simply type how much they owe, what they owe you for, and their phone number, and the mobile application will take care of the rest! A constant text reminder sent to your buddy's cellphone will guarantee your money back ;)

How we built it

Nable is a mobile application built using react native. The backend is an express application that is hosted on a node server and connected to a mongoose database. Text messages are sent through integration with the Twilio API.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first experience using react native, so the biggest challenge was to learn and implement the new framework within the time frame of the 36 Hour Princeton Hackathon that the application was made at.

What's next for Nable

The application solves a genuine problem in our everyday student lives, so we are hoping that with some additional fine-tuning we can eventually use this on a regular basis.

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