N64 All

A project for DurHack 2018.

Designed by John Jennings, George Price, Ryan Collins, Mike Croall, Oliver McCloud, and Sara Chen.

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What does it do?

  • Control of an N64 emulator remotely.
  • Plugins for XBox Controllers, and accelerometer control.
  • Minimal latency


  • We don't know. It was fun.

Build Instructions

1. Mupen Input Controller

First, you'll need to build the C plugin for mupen. This polls a REST api, and fetches the controller values for each controller.

You'll need to install the following dependencies for this to work:

  • lib-json

Navigate to the root of the repo, and download the git submodule source dependencies, by running:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Following this, we are ready to compile.

Navigate to the emulator_input_plugin folder, and then run:

make install

NB: Sudo might need to be used here to delete previously built versions of the plugin

2.0 Run the main mario server

This is found in the api folder.

Download dependencies using:

pipenv install

And then drop into a pipenv shell and run using hug.

pipenv shell
hug -t index.py

3.0 (optional) Start other bots/apps

Stupid bot, and the Xbox client are both ones that can be run by executing the Python script.

4.0 Run the emulator

Navigate to the top level of the dirrectory structure:

mupen64plus --gfx mupen64plus-video-glide64 --windowed  --input emulator_input_plugin/emulator_input_plugin.so roms/mariokart.z64
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