Inspiration: For multiple years we have observed an issue during Hajj. The water donors have unintentionally impacted people’s flow negatively. They randomly placed full container of water boxes on the streets in one place, which increased the crowd in those areas that caused many injuries among the people. Additionally, new water bottles seen on the street. This issue inspired us to try to tackle the issue during this event and try to better solve it using an IT solution.

What it does ?

  • Centralize water supply to Al-Hajj in an organized fashion.
  • Redistribute water by intelligent system (operationally).
  • Guarantee easy access to cold water for the pilgrims.
  • Reduce the water and garbage waste.

The existing code before the hackathon (APIs, open source,):

  • Onsen UI

What has been created so far in the hackathon: 1) Finish the data modal and flows of the back-end . 2) 100% of the main functionality back-end system is done. 3) Mobile App is done.

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