Extension request

Thank you for your support and your quick response in regenerating our ca-sEY3bhnr.vacloud.us Windows machine. However, we have lost valuable testing time in our preparation to submit our solution by the announced deadline due to circumstances beyond our control.

Therefore I am requesting an extension of machine availability deadline which will enable us to complete our testing for submission of our state of the art Scheduling solution

The purpose of my request for extension is to bring to your attention the following:

How Vencal, Inc. can save the VA cost to meet the objective of timely information integration for VA scheduling.. In order to fulfill VA’s objective, Vencal, Inc. provides Web-based information integration solution at an optimum velocity from a variety of dispersed VISTA instances without requiring modifications to existing VISTA instance.. Vencal solution is a completely open source vehicle that does not require additional vendor licensing from Oracle Microsoft and other leading vendors. Additionally, the technology will save VA additionally licensing cost and enables enhancements without any vendor specific restrictions.

Additionally, Vencal, Inc. is a 8(a) / SDB Small Business and Federal Contracting Mechanism is straight forward.

Thank you for your attention and consideration to this matter..


Pool Roy, B.S. (Mechanical Engg.), MBA


Vencal, Inc. 8(a) / SDB

c 301-252-7292

o 301-216-1681

From: va scheduling contest [mailto:vaschedulingcontest@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 6:46 AM To: 'Pool Roy' Subject: VA Scheduling Contest VM Allocation Part I

Pool Roy,

Per your request, a new VM has been generated for your use.

Part I of email notification for Contestant I:

ca-sEY3bhnr.vacloud.us Windows

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