Projecting n-dimensional shapes, and snake

What it does

It projects n-dimensional shapes into the screen and uses this technology to make an up to 5-dimensional version of the classic game

How I built it

We applied linear geometry results to project n-dimensional hypercubes (or any shape at all) into the screen, with a clever use of matrices to surpass the 4x4 limit of GLSL

Challenges I ran into

Finding a proper way to handle matrix operations, due to the only-square and 4x4 limit of GLSL, that works for any desired number of dimensions. Finding a way to work out the faces of hypercubes (which we didn't entirely work out). Finding a way to project the hypercubes that looks nice and interesting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to do this

What I learned

We could apply a lot of our geometry knowledge to this project :)

What's next for n-Snake

Maybe more n-dimensional projects

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