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N'KaNa (My Sister and Brother) aims to connect professionals with children in need and risk. This project consists of Mentee (Children), Mentor (Professional) and student Volunteer. This program revolves around developing a goal-oriented relationship between a progressing child and a mentor who induces a critical guiding force making the children become fruitful in their respective dreams. The mentors act as exemplary role models and the children “look up” to their respective mentors and seek career related advices from them and hence the name N’KaNa. The student volunteers will be engaged as a rapporteurs. OUR MISSION

To establish a strong relationship between a youth and mentor that becomes a critical guiding force in the youth's development. Mentors act as role models for commitment to education, career decisions and social behavior. The identities and dreams of our youth are affirmed by the consistent support of mentors, volunteers and donors. ACTIVITIES

Identification of needy children The needy children will be identified from the orphanages / Slums and Villages by Local College student volunteers. Ecosystem based vision setting training programme for children The ten days Ecosystem based vision setting training programme for children will be organized to understand their community, family and themselves to set up career goal for children. Pre assessment form This pre assessment will be done based on their social cognitive development of the children. This will help to identify their vision. Based on this potential Mentors and Student Volunteers will be identified. N'KaNa process training for Mentors and Volunteers A day long training programme will be organised for mentor and volunteers to understand the N'KaNa system and process. Monthly Mentoring Every month feasible day will be identified and organised for mentorship. This programme goes 2 - 3 hours for quality coaching and mentoring based on children needs and challenges. Progress Tracker The progress tracker will be maintained for mentee and mentors by the volunteers for a year. This will help us to measure the individuals impact. Annual retreat for Mentor, Mentee and Student Volunteers Yearly once annual retreat will be organised for all the key stakeholders of the programme and they will share their success and challenges of the process.

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