This project helps across most aspects of the hackathon categories .

Our team came up with this idea form the hajj hackathon , were experts were chosen based on their application , which allowed a very good mix between tech teams, hajj experts and business experts. To be honest , we found all the answerers we wanted during the hackathon without the need to move from our chairs. That was the inspiration of our project, What if the hajj organizers have access to all experts around the world who are willing to help making this journey a better journey and a participate in the largest gathering worldwide.

People with different expertise and knowledge can participate in the hajj journey and help to improve the it's quality, to save cost or to solve problems. Some if the issues that was proposed on the hackathon need expertise, it can't be solved using teah alone Hajj ministry can offer experts to join HVE platform and apply for the opening positions.

Hajj volunteer Experts allows anyone from around the world to join the hajj journey by offering his expertise to

It was not easy to bring an idea and present it on such a short period of time. We learned that we can work under pressure with a team of strangers and still we can achieve something that have a huge impact.

Hajj journey achievements are the contributions of countless experts . Hajj volunteer Experts standards are in a continuous process of review and revision based upon new evidence, emerging public health concerns, and public requests for revision. Input from our expert volunteers is crucial for maintaining these high standards and preserving public trust and to improve the quality of the overall journey of hajj.

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