We wanted to redefine how artists present their music to their fans, while enriching the concert-going experience. There are a lot of music festivals out there, and bringing this new platform would open a great deal of potential features to them.

How it Works

Re-myx is a gesture-based DJ application to mix music and control audio visualization. Simply download the Mixxx DJ software, and install the Re-myx Lua scripts. Also, the custom keyboard needs to be integrated in your Mixxx profile, and instruction on that can be found here. Once these steps are completed, you can start controlling your music via your Myo device!

Challenges We Ran Into

This project was exceptionally difficult because our team wasn't familiar with the Myo platform. We struggled with creating mappings between the Myo armband and the Mixxx playback software in the early stages of development.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of

We created three sets of scripts for Myo that control music through Mixxx in three very distinct ways:

Equalizer Mode

Allows user to finely control the high, mid, and bass level for a track

Distortion Mode

Gives user ability to adjust synchronization and special effects of a track

Advanced Mode

Allows user to control track, equalizer, and volume

Audio Visualization

We also had enough time to write a Lua script for VSXu, which is an audio visualization program that analyzes the sound your computer is creating, and adjusts its video output accordingly. Our initial idea was to control LED lights to enhance the experience, but we didn't have the compatible hardware to make that a possibility.

What We've Learned

This project gave us experience with how to use the Myo SDK to control various desktop applications, and also how to write code in Lua. We've also learned about what gestures/features would be meaningful to a live performance artist that would be using this kind of feature.

What's Next for Re-myx

Right now, Re-myx has three solid pre-sets that easily allow users to control their music. We want to expand on this idea to customize Re-myx for any performing artist that wants to integrate it into their set. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Adding more pre-sets
  • Using the Myo armband to control lights, fog machines, sound samples
  • Triggering other kinds of events, possibly through cell phone push notifications

The goal we have is to connect with interested artists and create a memorable, lasting experience for the fans that attend their shows.

Re-myx has the potential to change how we as a community interact with music. It may drastically transform the atmosphere of musical gatherings, the flow of concerts, and the way that music is produced.

We hope to take Re-myx to the next level by developing more Myo scripts for extended functionality as well as integration among other wearable platforms such as pebble and Oculus rift. Re-myx can be an invaluable tool for current music students and performers. It can easily assist students to better study music. It can help reduce the cost of DJ equipment and help performers better interact with their audience. Though Re-myx was made to enhance how my friend and I enjoy our music, we see now, that the possibilities for it are endless.

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