making learning easier

What it ddes

creating your own wordlist

How we built it

We have a react-native android application, which recognizes the speach and adds words to the database. Our backend runs on AWS, is deployed with docker, written in Python, uses RESTful API created with swagger and stores data to PostgreSQL database.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of time, crazy matplotlib configs in docker, integrated too late

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works, basic functionality to get statistics over word usage of a person and to visualize it as wordcloud (see screenshots attached) is there. It is amazing, how much is doable in such a short time.

What we learned

a lot about docker, react-native and motivation

What's next for mywordcloud

As we are presenting ReDI School for digital integration ( and are students and teachers who regualary meet there, we will definitely move on with the project and add features like:

  • translations (to help people learning foreign languages learn the most repeated words)
  • more NLP features to analyse gramma as well
  • swear word counter (each time you swear you have to donate for charity)
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