MyWish team truly believes that the blockchain technology and crypto industry is the future of finance. MyWish was found in 2017 with a mission to shake the world of traditional finance by bringing common money-related practices into the digital world through blockchain technology. It was already clear at that time that the need for crypto assets management tools for managing such life events as wallet lost key, wedding, inheritance and etc. is growing. MyWish strives to blur the barriers to mass blockchain adoption by making its applications simple, fast, and efficient. Thus, we have developed a platform for automated smart contracts creation, where anyone can create and manage tokens without writing a single line of code making projects and individuals entrance to blockchain

What it does

MyWis is a universal tooling provider for both projects and individuals, which opens a door to simple and efficient crypto assets management. Being on the market for 4 years, our team managed to outline the best platform and industry practices offering our users the following tools

Automated smart contracts creation MyWish platform allows anyone to create a smart contract without writing a single line of code. This way users and projects can deploy token, crowdsale, airdrop, lost key, token protector, and other contracts efficiently and simply.

Airdrop multisender service The service is an optimized token distribution tool that allows sending tokens in batches to multiple addresses, allowing sending tokens faster, cost-efficiently, and effortless.

Cross-chain solutions Our solutions enable existing projects and tokens to become available for use in non-native blockchains. this way bringing the existing projects to other networks.

Blockchain integrations We are looking to extend MyWish platform's blockchain variability to offer our users maximum flexibility in crypto assets management. The new blockchain integrations will allow attracting more users and projects to the blockchains by simple and efficient entrance processes.

How we built it

MyWish has started its journey with the LastWill contract firstly built on Ethereum. The contract was created with an ambitious and groundbreaking idea to bring common assets-related regulations to digital space through the beauty of blockchain. The will contract was aimed to manage crypto inheritance matters in case of unpredictable life circumstances. Later the following contracts were added: the wedding contract that would regulate assets management in spousal relations, and the lost key contract that was aimed to protect user's funds in cases of the loss of the private key. The addition of automated token contract creation was a big success for MyWish platform. Having received the user's feedback MyWish team has come to the necessity to add more blockchains to reach a wider audience, this is how the rest of the blockchains were added.

Challenges we ran into

At the point of the launch, in 2017, the market was not ready for such an idea as inheritance regulations through blockchain due to the quite young age range within crypto adopters. This way MyWish managed to adapt and become a universal tooling provider for crypto assets management for all the crypto enthusiasts.

MyWish has a wide range of supported blockchains that have different technology stacks and various programming languages. Platform's backend and contracts are written using different languages and solutions for each of the service optimizations. There is the need to keep an eye on the latest updates of the technologies we use as well as the network's new features and developments.

Another challenge we faced at the very beginning of our path was the market volatility and lack of educational sources for a broad audience which are the key for the innovation mass adoption. We have also gone through quite a tough 2018 year for the blockchain industry when the market was down. Nonetheless, with our straight belief in digital finance and blockchain solutions, our team kept building and working on the platform to become the one and only solution for all the crypto enthusiasts, constantly adding new services and optimizing our solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For the four years of market presence, our team managed to acquire over 42 000 registered users and over 30 000 contracts created in both testnet and mainnet. We managed to gain trust not only from our users but also from such big market players as Binance, Moonbeam, Neo, Polygon, Bancor and etc.

MyWish is also proud of our award-winning development team that has proven its proficiency with multiple awards such as Tron accelerator program, Neo blockchain improvements, Matic build-n-earn, and WAVES Blockchain grant. Our bright-minded developer's gas optimization solution has been accepted to the OZ standard.

What's next for MyWish platform

Integration of Solana first with token and airdrop multisender service, then the addition of such contracts as crowdsale and key protector are awaiting MyWish in the nearest future. Bringing zero coding solutions to Solana to boost the network's mass adoption. Above all, MyWish is now planning to add NFT multisender service to the airdrop tool along with existing services development and optimization. Along with the development, the MyWish team is looking to broaden the horizons with new partnerships and collaborations with other projects bringing new exciting tools and features to such a fast-growing network.

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