Our inspiration for this project came from the ongoing concern about landfills taking up more and more land area and also the harmful effects of garbage. We also wanted to emphasize that although recycling is better, it also requires energy, and we believe the best way to combat this is by reducing the amount of waste we produce.

What it does

myWaste allows the waste management facility to let citizens to enter their home address and see how much waste their community produces as a whole. This is really beneficial because it will visualize how much harm is being done and motivate our users to reduce their production of waste.

How we built it

To create myWaste we designed it in Figma first to get an idea of the colour combinations, before coding it in React to create the front-end of the project. To code the backend, we used Python with Flask. To store all of the data entered at the waste management facility, we are using CockroachDB as our database. Having used Cockroach before, we found it very intuitive and decided to use it again and had a great experience using it.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered many minor challenges during this hackathon. One of the more significant challenges we faced was trying to implement Heroku into our program. However, after many failed attempts, and guess-and-checks, we finally found the root of a program, a logic error. After that, it was just a matter of coding it so that it would fit together with the rest of the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout the entire 36+ hours of hacking, the team of myWaste accomplished many new programming skills and established a new understanding on key programming concepts such as using Heroku (host backends) to deploy our server, or developing Data Charts using an API called Recharts.

What we learned

In creating myWaste, we learned about the problems tackling the Earth such as micro-plastics. We also learned how to implement Huroku and also how to implement CockroachDB as our database.

What's next for myWaste

We would like to expand our web app to outside of Waterloo Region.

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