What it does

Contextual video recommendation platform based on your emotions, where you are and who you're with. A far cry from the robotic and very often inaccurate algorithm-driven suggestions.

How we built it

After being introduced to the open brief by Sky, our team brainstormed new ways to suggest video content. We narrowed these down to what we believed were unexplored areas but which had a strong potential. We story-boarded 2 different user-journeys detailing how the product is used by viewers: the first one illustrated a context of a shared viewing experience with suggestions catering for every user and changing depending on the time and people present. The second one focused on viewers' emotions at the specific time when a programme finishes: with personal, emotion-driven recommendations the viewer is incentivized to carry on watching and more likely to enjoy the next programme. The user journeys were followed by detailed hand-drawn wireframes showing each screen of the product. The final stage included visual designs and coding.

Challenges we ran into

Avoiding the existing recommendations' mechanisms currently used.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with like-minded, dedicated people and delivering the concept product.

What's next for MyVibe TV

Although conceptualized as a standalone app, MyVibeTV could be integrated with existing platforms of major broadcasters and VOD services as a new, engaging feature. It would also create value from the commercial point of view: allowing advertising (where applicable) to be similarly targeted, based on viewers' emotions, and therefore arguably more effective.

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