Our inspiration came from the love of travel and finding out more about the world and about people's interests!

What it does

The app/webapp takes in your location, budget for activities and what sort of attractions you are interested in (whether it be main attractions or hidden gems); it will then output the most popular and best rated locations for activites. After you are done that activity, you can take a selfie and post it, Azure's cognitave services will then map out a rating of that location based on your emotions in that photo.

How we built it

We used Azure's storage for storing all information adding on to the database of locations visited and reviews to give a better activity/location suggestion for the next user.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges included coming up with the idea, connecting to Azure's services as well as getting the server up and running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an app that included many API's and services, learning about Azure, learning about machine learning, and lastly deploying our website on Azure through github.

What we learned

Azure, Node, JQuery

What's next for MyVenture

Using Azure's machine learning to analyze previous travel data sets and making suggestions based off of these patterns instead on first accumulating a database through individual users.

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