To cater all student needs and to facilitate their university experience by providing effective yet convenient services and tools that improve student life.

What it does

Currently, it only allows students to enroll in events and advertises events based on similar interests as other students. It also allows users to register with their student card (take a photo, it will extract your name, student number, graduating year, etc. from it)

How I built it

PHP for the backend, normal HTML/CSS for the frontend

Challenges I ran into

Recommendaiton system, reading the student card for the registration process

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works decently

What I learned

We learned how to use Google's Vision API and Maps API. We also learned a lot of PHP, HTML, CSS. We also used for the first time. Also learned phpMyAdmin.

What's next for myUni

Not sure, improve the website so it can be deployed for real use.

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