We noticed there are lots of people that got stimulus checks, but don't really need them at the moment. We figured we could help those people spread that money to organizations that really need it.

What it does

Our website gives them the ability to plan how to split that check up and donate it to the charities of their choice. Once they donate a certain amount (right now its a minimum of $19) then they unlock our instagram filter!

How I built it

I used react js to build the entire front end. My team spent time creating the backend on MongoDB but ended up failing at doing so. They sent me JSONArray instead with all the data and I used it to populate my table.

Challenges I ran into

My biggest challenge was styling the website. It's not how I want it to look and would love to make it look much prettier. Also, working with people in different time zones isn't very easy. The virtual experience was amazing, but I wish I could tap on someones shoulder for help, whether it was my mentor or teammate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that this idea came together finally. I'm proud of the filter my teammate created for instagram because it really fits with today's trend.

What I learned

I learned a lot about react and css that I never bothered to explore while in school. They never force us to create pretty front ends and this was a real challenge to put together with style.

What's next for MyTwelveHundred

Lots of next step: Clean up the style and formatting. Make it so that the link to the Instagram filter takes them directly to the filter. Add geolocation, and make it so that local and organizations businesses can put their details and info up for their communities to help them out. Set up a system where they can donate directly through our site, instead of navigating to each sight individually. Collect even more organizations that we feel deserve to be on our site!

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