We love to try out new hardware and technology. We found Myo's features very exciting as there are endless interesting, unique possibilities in what we could create. We chose to combine Myo with gaming as we believe that the best games are the one's in which you can interact with the most. Hence, we decided to combine Myo with our love for classic games. It was a situation where the modern met the old.

What it does

We used Myo to play retro games such as Pong and Space Invaders. Instead of utilizing a controller we used arm gestures to increase the interactivity of each game as well as the interest factor.

How we built it

Using the Myo sdk and WebGL to provide us with an interface to interact with different apps.

Main Challenges

We ran into lots of problems connecting the Myo with the games. Furthermore, an even greater problem was the fact that Myo did not have the sensitivity and fine-tuning that some games required. However we were still able to use the Myo sdk's to control retro games smoothly as we learn more about the sdk.

What we learn

We should have managed our time more carefully by researching and planning potential projects in advance. We wasted too much experimenting with other hardware we did not end up using. Finally, we must keep the idea simple.

Whats Next

We would love to add this to other games so that we can further expand our knowledge on Myo.

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