As college students, we see the mystery of the real world creeping over the horizon, and with it intimidating concepts like credit scores and trading. We sought to create a fun and engaging web app to help educate our peers, while enjoying our time. In addition, we wanted to emphasize that anyone, regardless of gender, can learn and improve in the world of money.

The Story

According to Greek mythology, maidens would be annually sacrificed to the terrifying Minotaur residing in the Labyrinth. The tale goes that Theseus slayed the Minotaur and was the hero of his story, but here one of the maidens fought back. You play as Pecunia, one of those maidens left to her fate in the maze, but she can beat the odds! By educating yourself on finances, you will best the Moneytaur and escape the Labuyrinth stronger than before.

How we built it

We used mainly JavaScript, and Phaser.js to help develop the overworld maze. Then, the individual challenges are completed fully using JQuery and CSS, to keep the player invested in their experience. To enhance the questions inside of each puzzle, we incorporated MicroStrategies Embedded Analytics. By making complicated data clear, learning becomes even more intuitive.

Challenges we ran into

We found some issues learning game development strategies within Phaser.js, specifically in creating the maze. However, we were able to learn a lot about world building and understanding game theory. Now we understand and appreciate game designers even more than before!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The concept has the possibility to reach so many people, and draw a new crowd to the exciting world of financial literacy. So much more in life makes sense after understanding financials, so we want to improve other women and student's lives.

What's next for Mythonancial

  1. Creating more levels and increasing the difficulty
  2. Implementing Money Bars for the final boss battle
  3. Incorporating a dynamically changing graph of player history using MicroStrategy
  4. Officially hosting our site on the domain that we selected, thanks to
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