Mythic Temple

The Goal> Make user who are in this world have the exprience of exploring Mythic temple in this fantasy world.

Description> This Temple is consist of a series of stair which is toward sky. After Entering this world, User have to go upstair. As User go higher, he or she can see devstating temple caused by god’s furry. For example, Huge chain from sky strike the temple and there are thousands of debris that comes from this temple are here and there. And as God’s fury never stop, he try to burn all of this temple!

Once this temple thrived But the King was getting to avarice more and more! Even he persecute and plunder form people in this world, which result in All of this God is getting angry with fury, He decide his mind to destroy this empire! First of all, He is starting to stike the temple with his huge chains which are from sky! You can experience more in final build! :)

I want final build have Real time cinematic + Interactive Experience! As prepare with more vivid and fascinating experience to user, Demostrate and Prove VR is strong storyteling ways!

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