When a programmer is in their learning stage, jumping from language to language and framework to framework, they have to swim through an ocean of facts, opinions, and lies that may be difficult to discern. An archive of facts may be build related to these programming myths that may be referenced when discussing or deciding between languages and frameworks.

Additionally, experienced developers may be provided with a platform to discuss and document these topics that have been up for debate in the programming community.

What is it

A platform where Programmers can post topics or opinions to be discussed and scrutinized. Ideal for intermediate programmers, self-taught, and in university.

Developers and learners can sign up and get started with the website right away. Users can then post questions of their own whilst answering questions within the community. Answers and claims are then asserted via a community upvote system. We plan to integrate some form of moderation in the future to verify the most popular claims within the community.

How we built it

This project was built using the Django REST framework on the backend. The REST API was then hosted on a Heroku app. The frontend of the website was conceptualized using Figma and then implemented in Vue.js, HTML, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Whilst most of the process was smooth for us, a few of our challenges came up due to differences in time zones which hindered the overlap between working hours. This delayed collaboration slightly but we were able to hand off our day's work very easily via discord. This included any changes, updates, documentation, guides about the project. From a technical perspective, picking up Vue.js as a new framework was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the way we dealt with project hand-offs at the end of our working day. It is never easy to collaborate across the world seamlessly without running into issues but we made it work regardless. We are also proud of our ability to pick up new technologies and navigate foreign waters. Both Vue.js and Django REST were new areas for us.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to communicate, collaborate and connect over a problem. We picked up on new technologies and we came away with new friends and experiences.

What's next for MythBuster

To support the app further, we'd like to integrate a ton of features into our backend. We ideally want to include support for media queries, and markdown to ease the process of making claims. We would also like to find a way to use ML to create a recommendation system for feed activity based on some initial preferences for the user. Furthermore, as mentioned above, we would also like to have some sort of human moderation for popular claims, so we can verify the authenticity of the content that would be available on our platform. We'd also like to add some error logging. Currently, any and all errors reside in the terminal logs of the hosting platform. We'd ideally like to use some service to dump error logs within some external storage such as S3.

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